Wolford redesign by Design Bridge

Client: Design Bridge - Project: Packaging redesign illustrations - Period: 2019


Setting the tone for a fierce new femininity in skinwear, Design Bridge’s strategic and creative packaging redesign for Wolford helps connect this iconic and premium brand to a new generation of consumers. The Design Bridge team and I worked together to create a range of illustrations that would break the category norm of headless female mannequins and communicate confidence and femininity in an authentic way. I even modeled for some of the illustrations myself, sketched while wobbling on one leg in front of the mirror. As a result, the edgy line drawings are full of movement, carefully crafted and featuring realistic and imperfect female bodies.


‘Wolford needed a way to tap into new ideas of femininity, which are more complex, multifaceted and limitless. They needed to tell a story of quality and durability - traits that make Wolford a top choice of professional dancers and performers, like Beyonce - combined with a sense of fierce femininity,’ says Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director in the Design Bridge Amsterdam Studio.

Fashion photographer Julia Keltsch joined the team to create a new series of photography for the packs. The imagery and illustration is paired with playful slogans to inspire the wearer to take the stage with confidence. In-store photography by Maarten Willemstein Fotografie.